Which Hands Free Segway Has The Best Speakers?

Bluetooth Handless SegwayBeing music lovers it only makes sense that we search for hands-free mini Segway boards that have not only an excellent build, but of course excellent sound quality in their sneakers. We never really cared for any scooter that didn’t have speakers since we definitely need to have it everywhere we go.

We are definitely noticing that the first generation boards didn’t have as much features in that aspect, but we are seeing many more being released that are focused on sound quality. I mean at the end of the day the board is meant to get from one place to the other, so if the speakers aren’t high-end flat sounding and crisp, then we’re not going to make a big deal out of it.

We do however wonder when or if Dr. Dre will put his stamp of approval on these boards with a “Beats by Dre” symbol. It would be very interesting to see if something like that did transpire as we believe that would only boost the popularity of the scooters tenfold. As if they weren’t already popular enough, just imagine the amount of hype that would come from such a partnership.

After speaking with a few of our friends who have purchased their hands-free Segway board, they have recommended that we try and purchase something that has been released within the past few months as opposed to something that was originally released 6 months ago. The reason for this is because most of the newer boards have better Bluetooth technology installed and they also have a louder output level as well.

One board that was highly recommended to us was the X1 SUV and the scooter hover boards that are available from Uwheels Miami. If we happen to hear any more reports about which boards are best for audio quality we will definitely make sure to post that information as an edit to this blog post.

In the meantime feel free to take a look at some of the videos below for more information or just to get a good laugh.

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The Top Vaporizers in Hip Hop

Snocotra.comAfter being involved in the vaporizing community for almost a year now it’s not hard to realize how much of an influence that the hip hop culture has on the scene. When most people think of hip hop they picture money, big chains, girls and of course marijuana. Among other drugs, cannabis is one of the more popular and stereotypical associated with the genre. As a result, there’s no surprise that vaporizers are also popular within the urban community as well.

Right away you’ll notice that there are even vape brands associated with rap artists. One of those in particular is the Snoop Dogg G Pen made by Grenco Science. Grenco Science manufacturers a few different styles of Snoop Dogg branded devices and pens, which are extremely popular within the urban scene.

New & ImprovedOff the top of our heads we can’t name any other branded units from rap artists. Although, there are quite a few other brand names that many artists like Eminem, Royce Da 5’9, and a few other underground names swear by every time.


These brands include:

The PAX – Recognized as one of the best vape pens on the market. They just released an upgrade which has pretty much fixed all of the pitfalls of the first PAX. (Read a full PAX 2 vaporizer review when you visit this link – Snocotra.com – PAX 2.)


Dr. Dabber – Used by many artists on the scene, but mostly by oil and wax based users. Since most artists love to keep it simple and stick to the green, it’s not as highly requested.


Grasshopper – Still not on the market yet, but could be a dream pen for anyone looking for ultimate stealth. It actually looks like a pen and heats up faster than anything we have seen before.

*These are just a few of the premier manufacturers.

Dry herb pens are not the only style that are most sought after by the urban scene. Wax, oil and concentrates are also highly regarded as well. As a matter of fact this style of pen is said to provide a higher potency and a stronger high vs a dry herb pen.

For some new undergroung hip hop beats, be sure to check out BEATSxPOIZUN.com.